Poeta to Atlantyk i lew w jednym. Gdy ten pierwszy nas pochłania, drugi nas pożera.
Jeśli ujdziemy kłom, nie ujdziemy falom.
Człowiek, który potrafi druzgotać iluzje, jest zarazem bestią i powodzią. - Virginia Woolf



Here are the young men, a weight on their shoulders
Here are the young men - well where have they been?
We knocked on doors of Hell's darker chambers
Pushed to the limits, we dragged ourselves in

Watched from the wings as the scenes were replaying
We saw ourselves now as we never had seen
Portrayal of the traumas and degeneration
The sorrows we suffered and never were free
Where have they been

Weary inside, now our heart's lost forever
Can't replace the fear or the thrill of the chase
These rituals showed up the door for our wanderings
Opened and shut, then slammed in our face
Where have they been

Ian Curtis 15 lipca 1956 - 18 maja 1980

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